LiveObs securely connects with Active Directory and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.  


LiveOBS complies with HL7 messaging standards using the open source IPF tool set and utilises the HAPI libraries published by HL7 working groups.

LiveObs offers a merge facility automatically on receipt of the relevant HL7 message and will update patient records whilst keeping a copy of all originally attached details.

The system can also persist messages on arrival.

 Integrating LiveObs:

When deployed on the appropriate infrastructure LiveObs solution provides an inbound HL7 ADT interface that is capable of processing 50,000 messages during a normal working day and a peak workload of 10,000 messages/hour in virtually real-time.

In addition LiveObs can be configured to support each of the following MLLP, FHIR and XML-RPC.

Non-standard implementations can also be supported.